About Fukuyama Logistics

Fukuyama Logistics Co., Ltd was established in 1988 as a spin-off from the delivery business section of Harada Kogyo Co., Ltd. We have achieved speed-up of receiving and shipping operations through good communication and cooperation with our customers, and we shorten lead-time and guarantee quality of supply chains.
We offer "Total Delivery Service," which includes not only mere transportation work, but also the management of accurate and efficient delivery of customers' products. We reduce our customers’ delivery cost by combining and consolidating of small deliveries.
Besides, our driving staffs collect "Customer satisfaction surveys" directly while delivering. Our customers could reflect those information to improve their products and services. Our delivery system contributes even to the reduction in the environmental impact on earth as well.
We go forward aiming at a more effective and flexible delivery system.

Fukuyama Headquarter Warehouse

With overhead travelling cranes (30MT, 10MT, 2.8MT) in 900m2 warehouse yard, we are capable to store Maximum 5,000MT steel coils and the other steel products.

Fukuyama No.2 Warehouse

With overhead travelling cranes (2.8MT) in 780m2 warehouse, we store shapes steel, up to 12m lenght, mainly for constructions and industrial machines.

Mihara Warehouse

With overhead travelling cranes (30MT, 2.8MT) in 1,123m2 warehouse, we store steel products and other metal products. Since the location is close to users in Hiroshima, Mihara warehouse is useful as delivery center.


We provide daily transport service of steel and other metal products in West Japan with 26 vehicles directly owned and around 100 vehicles contracted. Besides,our service staffs are trained and well qualified for slinging, crane operation and forklift operation.

Company Name Fukuyama Logistics Co., Ltd.
Head Office 5-6-38 Daimoncho,Fukuyama,
Hiroshima, 921-0926
TEL. +8184-941-4880
FAX. +8184-941-1312
Capital 12,000,000yen(JPY)
Date Founded April, 1988
Date Established February 1, 1989
Representative Hiroto Harada, Chairman
Kentaro Harada, President