Coil Center
control from process to logistics

Harada Kogyo Co., Ltd. is a Coil Center which mainly processes and sells steel sheets and special steel sheets. The type and amount of handling are scales of eminent West Japan.
A Leveller machine processes coils into fixed scales and flat sheets, and a Sharing machine accurately processes them into smaller sheets. A Slitter machine processes coils into narrow coils (hoops).
In addition to steel processing, we offer total service, which includes transportation & warehousing, design & construction of logistics equipments, including steel racks.
With many varieties, Small lots, and Short delivery time, we will carefully fulfill these various customer requirements.

As a professional company of steel processing & trading

We conduct professional works for processing and trading of steel plates, initiating Just-In-Time Delivery with controlling accurately time, place, quantity & quality.

Type JIS Spec. Usage
Normal Steel plates SPHC-P, SPCC-SD, SECC, SEHC, SGHC, SGACC, SGAHC, SGCC Light electrical components, Auto parts, Steel furniture, Agricultural machinery, etc.
Special Steel plates SK2 - SK7, S35C - S55C
S30CM - S75CM, SCM415 - SCM445
Auto parts, Machine part, Various tools
Others Chromemate-free steel, Stainless steel, Steel tube, Steel angle, Steel flat bar, Punching metal sheet

HQ, Sapporo, Tokyo, Tokai
Osaka, Fukuyama, Fukuoka

What's Coil Center?

Automobiles, Refrigerators, System Kitchens and more. There are many products made by steel plates around us. Integrated Steel Manufacturers have made these steel plates which are shipped in the shape of coils. These rolled steel plates are called steel coils, and usually weigh between 10 and 25 MT. They are too big for our customers to use. The Coil Center is responsible for sheeting or slitting them into proper shapes and weights, and delivering to automobile or electricity manufactures.

Our Responsibilities

The difference between steel and iron

Steel is an alloy in which the principal ingredient is iron, and artificially improves of the performance of iron's strength, toughness, magnetism, and heat resistance.
Iron produced only with a blast furnace is not suitable for industrial commodities. This is the reason why iron has low-viscosity and is too fragile for a lot of contained carbons. Iron changes into strong & sticky steel by removing impurities that cause fragility, such as carbon, phosphorus, sulfur. Most of the ironware used in daily life is made of steel.